First Aid Level 3

Accreditation HWSETA
Unit Standard
2 Day's

This course is intended to enable the first responder in an emergency situation to react to health emergencies at an advanced level, until the arrival of more qualified emergency personnel.

What will my Course cover?

Explaining the principles of advanced primary emergency care in all health emergencies.

Demonstrating an advanced level of preparedness to deal with potential emergencies.

Assessing and managing a complex emergency scene/disaster.

Explaining the applied anatomy and physiology of the human body systems and describing the emergency care management of disorders and diseases relating to each physical system.

Applying primary emergency life support for all age groups according to international and/or national protocols.

Explaining and managing shock.

How long will my certificate be valid for?

The certificate of competency associated with this unit standard will only be valid for three years only to ensure relevancy with rapidly changing internationally researched emergency care protocols.

What will I receive?

Professional animated videos of the complete course content in short video lessons.

Complete training guide

Workbook to support the learning

Practical training workbook

Demonstration Videos

How will I be assessed?

Formative assessment – Quiz after sections of content to test your understanding

Practical: completion of all workplace exercises

Summative assessment: Online monitored assessment