HIV & AIDS (For Managers)

Accreditation HWSETA
Unit Standard
1 Day

This course is designed to provide a broad case of knowledge about HIV/AIDS that will enable learners to be informed and caring workers in an industry. It provide more detail about the illness that the awareness training and will suit persons wanting to promote and be responsible to provide support for HIV AIDS in the workplace.

Target Audience: Supervisors, Managers, Union reps, administrators, HR

What will my Course cover?

Terms HIV and AIDS                                               How the immune system works

HIV virus attacks the immune system                  Concept of a window period

Mother to child transmission                                  Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT)

Effects of HIV infection                                           Pre and post test counselling

The stages of the disease                                      Medication and the costs of the drugs.

HIV/AIDS is transmitted                                          Mother to child transmission

Dangers of drug abuse and behaviour                 Contracting or spreading HIV/AIDS

Relationship between human behaviour and HIV/AIDS

Fears and common misunderstandings              

The role of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Guidelines and assistance are available to support workers with HIV/AIDS

Company policy on HIV/AIDS                                           

Possible problems that a worker with HIV/AIDS

The treatment options available                           

Rights of all workers in respect of HIV/AIDS

Implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Availability of HIV/AIDS prevention and wellness programmes

What will I receive?

Professional animated videos of the complete course content in short video lessons.

Complete training guide

Workbook to support the learning

How will I be assessed?

Formative assessment – Quiz after sections of content to test your understanding on the theory.

Practical: Completion of all workplace exercises

Summative assessment: Online monitored assessment